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Tuxedo Room Spray

Tuxedo Room Spray


Our new sprays are 4 oz. and made with vegan, wildcrafted witch hazel! Each of the scents are made with the same non-toxic fragrance oils as their candle counterparts. You can enjoy this spray in your rooms, car, and anywhere you need a boost of fragrance. Our room spray is highly concentrated and is made to be long-lasting, therefore, we recommend starting with less spray and adding as you desire. 


Tuxedo - Palo Santo, Cardamom, Sandalwood

  • Warning


    Use only as intended. FLAMMABLE, KEEP AWAY FROM OPEN FLAMES. Contains alcohol. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not spray directly towards face. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, flush immediately with water. Do not ingest. If accidentally consumed, drink water and seek medical attention immediately. Do spray directly onto the body, fur, nor any fabric surfaces.

  • Product Details

    Renew Candle Co.'s fine mist sprays were created to be used as a room spray. Each bottle contains a 4 oz solution of non-toxic fragrance oil, organic + botanically derived witch hazel, and Non-GMO Grain alcohol (made from corn). That's it! 


    For BEST use: Shake vigorously prior to use and spray into the air (not directly onto a surface). Renew Candle Co.'s promise is to create non-toxic products and therefore, we do not use chemical binding agents in our sprays. Our solution contains an all-natural, organic witch hazel base which causes separation... and is normal. As a result, we also suggest spraying into the air to release each scent's true fragrance notes. The witch hazel can tend to float at the top of the liquid solution and can provide a different scent than the actual fragrance oil.

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